This pocket thermal camera helps you see in the dark.

By Sateesh on January 7, 2016


It’s a monocular thermal camera shaped like a cartoon bomb and easily usable in one hand; it picks up objects based on heat, so you can see animals even when obscured by foliage, or footprints normally invisible to the eye.

FLIR Systems is one of the largest thermal imaging companies in the world, and the Scout TK uses its inexpensive “Lepton” microcamera core. The device is really simple to use, with just a few buttons on top to control recording, brightness, and color palette, and it has a rugged, rubberized build resistant to shock and water.

Watch the video above to see how easy I was to track and find when hiding in the bushes outside the Wynn in Las Vegas. If you, too, wish to discover concealed tech reporters, the Scout TK will cost you $599 when it ships sometime this quarter.