Secret Chess chat game at Facebook Messenger? Have you tried?

By gsadminkannan on February 6, 2016

Facebook Messenger chess game

This could bring some life in your Facebook Messenger conversations other than lots of ‘K’s and ‘lol’s
There is a hidden feature in Facebook Messenger that let you play chess with your friends and it is avaliable to play for anyone.
To start the game, start a conversation with any of your friends and type : @fbchess play
to move the pieces you can use the standard notation of chess, For eg. to move your king to E5 square type @fbchess Ke5
For instance to move Queen type @fbchess Qe5, you can use B for bishop, N for knight, R for rook and P for pawn.
In the case of pawn which there are many, you can select the coloumn your piece is in, for instance @fbchess Pcd3 will move the pawn in coloumn to square D3
There are few other codes also
@fbchess resign to end a match
@fbchess stats to check the match statistics
@fbchess play white to choose white
@fbchess play black to choose black

Let us know what you think of this hidden chess game in the comment below.