Google reportely working on wireless charging for its self driving cars

By gsadminkannan on February 7, 2016

Google Wireless charging for self driving cars

Wireless charging for a self driving car ?

Don’t be amused, Google is said to be working on a technology that is recently associated with new age Smartphones, even though it is not truly a charging wireless as phone needs to be tethered to the charger to get it charged.
Apple is said to be working on a long range wireless charging solution for its upcoming phone, Guess what Google is also working on a same kind of solution, not for its smartphone but for its self driving cars.

A report from IEE Spectrum says Google is Working on a technology which it calls Resonant Magnetic Induction a type of wireless charger that could use manhole like transmitters which are embedded in the roads which could in turn charge the cars.
According to the reports filed by Google to FCC in US, Google has already installed these transmitters at its campus which it use to test its Self driving Cars
The main drawback for the Electric powered cars is it range, which in turn force its manufactures to stuff in huge batteries, which consumes a lot of time to charge. Google believes this Wireless Charging for cars make cars smaller as they only needs to carry small batteries and can reduce the cost as cars do not need to relay on high technology batteries.