The BMW Alpina B7 a sedan that is as quick as a supercar

By gsadminkannan on February 9, 2016


BMW’s 7 Series is a super car which is fast, comfortable, and stuffed with great technology to satisfy even the gadget-hounds.
BMW has again partnered with the German car customizing shop Alpina to create the BMW Alpina B7.
Alpina take a standard BMW 750i xDrive and fill it with more: more speed, more technology, more comfort, for many more cost. Just how many extra bugs, we don’t quite know yet.
The 4.4-liter, twin-turbo V8 has been juiced from a pedestrian 445 horsepower up to 600. That’s good enough to propel the massive German luxobarge from 0-60 in 3.6 seconds, and is well into supercar territory. There’s prodigious torque on hand too, 494 lb-ft available at just 2,000 rpm, peaking at 590 lb-ft at 3,000 rpm. That’s might be enough to pull a house off its foundation.
But in BMW Alpina B7 it’s not only the engine that got special treatment. The suspension and chassis have been upgraded, the all-wheel-drive system recalibrated, and Alpina has tweaked the shift maps of the 8-speed transmission. Oh, and there’s a Launch Control mode in case you have to settle a board meeting dispute on the drag strip, or something.
Inside BMW Alpina B7, you get fancier leather, nicer trim, a custom digital instrument cluster with a variety of display modes spending on if the driver is in Comfort or Sport mode, and production plaques on the doors to remind passengers that they aren’t in a normal 7.

BMW Alpina B7 Gallery

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