Microsoft’s latest iPhone app can identify dogs breed from a photo

By gsadminkannan on February 12, 2016


Microsoft introduced a new app  that anyone with a dog should play with because it’s a lot of fun.

App which is called Fetch!, available for iPhones and web users. It uses artificial intelligence techniques to classify images to identify dogs breed from a photo. On the web, users can upload a photo of a dog, or you can take a picture of your pet using your phone’s camera.

It’s the latest in a line of fun, silly apps released by Microsoft Gargage, an “outlet for experimental projects” that are designed to show off creative and unexpected ways to apply Microsoft’s expertise in artificial intelligence. In the past year, Microsoft has released apps that detect and measures mustaches in photos or guesses your age, for example.

Like Microsoft’s other AI apps, Fetch! should become more accurate as users upload more photos and data. More technical information is available here.