Motor noises coming from Apple car facility, an Apple Car?

By gsadminkannan on February 13, 2016

iCar Apple Car

Since February 2015, there have been various reports that Apple is working on a car that’d “give Tesla a run for its money”

The iCar project is code named ‘Titan’, according to The Wall Street Journal, which originally stated that there were “several hundred” Apple employees working on the project. With some reports describing an electric car and others describing a self-driving car, is there any truth to the claim or is it like the Apple TV set everyone was talking about a couple of years ago? Well…

Evidences of Apple Car

AppleInsider recently reported that someone who lives near Apple’s mysterious campus in Sunnyvale, Calfornia (believed to be where Apple is developing Apple car) complained about “motor noises” coming from the facility at night.

Apple has bought a number of car-related domain names including, and The purchases took place in December 2015

According to website Electrek, Apple’s upcoming iCar could be the first to boast digital license plates. Among the horde of employees that Apple has snapped up over the past few months is Rónán Ó Braonáin, ex-Director of Engineering at Reviver, a start-up working on what Braonáin called “the world’s first digital license plate”.