LG introduces its latest flagship LG G5 with a radical reinvention

By gsadminkannan on February 21, 2016

LG introduces its latest flagship Android smartphone, the LG G5
LG launches G5 its flagship Android smartphone with a radical reinvention

LG introduces its latest flagship Android smartphone, the LG G5. Launching alongside a bunch of accessories and plug-in modules, the G5 will be defined in most people’s eyes by its extras, and it will be one of the more memorable devices of MWC 2016 simply because it’s a terrific phone in its own right.

G5 is having an aluminum-clad body and it looks and feels very much like a smaller version of Google’s Nexus 6P. The G5 signifies a new direction in terms of design for LG. We also see an intriguing new modular feature that makes the G5 a versatile smartphone.

Another small difference from the Nexus 6P is that the G5’s power button is built into the fingerprint reader, which can be pressed in, unlike the touch-sensitive activation of the Nexus.
Two of these new accessories plug directly into the LG G5’s bottom. A small key on the side of the phone pops open its lower section, which can be pulled out along with the battery, then the battery is fitted into the next module and that straps back into the phone. The whole process sounds finicky, but there’s nothing flimsy about the way LG has constructed either the phone, its battery, or the extras, so everything can be done quickly and forcefully.

The first plug-in module is the LG Cam Plus, which offers an enlarged camera grip for single-handed photography and also contains extra battery power

LG G5 has 32GB of onboard storage, a microSD expansion slot, USB-C, a removable 2,800mAh battery, a maximum thickness of 8mm, and 900 nits of display brightness.

LG introduces its latest flagship G5 with a radical reinvention

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